Four Quirky Dance Classes in Shanghai – City Weekend (registration)

Four Quirky Dance Classes in Shanghai – City Weekend (registration)


Dance Classes aren’t just for kids anymore. In addition to improving your motor skills, dance can be a fun and unconventional way to get into shape, free your mind and even boost your self-esteem. While there are plenty of places around the city of Shanghai to learn genres like ballet, modern, Jazz and more, that’s not all the city has to offer these days. Here’s a list of a few newer offerings for the adventurous performer in you. 

Shanghai School of Burlesque founder Anna Fur Laxis.

Shanghai School of Burlesque

Address: V Spot, 5/F, 218 Xinle Lu (near Donghu Lu) 新乐路218号5楼 (近东湖路)

WeChat: ShanghaiBurlesque 

How Much: RMB200-900

Unleash the freak with a specialty class at Shanghai School of Burlesque. The brainchild of Anna Fur Laxis, the cities resident queen of burlesque, this series of dance and performance workshops, offers quarterly classes on shimming, shaking and everything regarding the art of the tease. Each period of instruction is generally broken up into six week blocks.

Classes run the gamut from old school “Gatsby” dance techniques, to more modern Pussycat Dolls inspired routines. In addition to class series on offer, one-off, single day workshops on the art of drag king-ing as well as characterization, are peppered throughout the schedule. With a brand new “home” at V-Spot, Shanghai’s newest and only female centered adult store, the folk behind Shanghai School of Burlesque are only moving upwards and onwards. 

Souldancing pole dancing class.

Pole Dancing at SoulDancing

Address: SoulDancing, Rm. 418, Block A, 1199 Fuxing Zhong Lu (near Xinzha Lu) 复兴路1199号A座418室 (近新扎路) 

Tel: 6256-4400

How Much: RMB100 for a trial class

Dance studio and performance company Souldancing have been on the forefront the contemporary dance scene in Shanghai for over a decade. For dancers by dancers, the studio has become known as one of the go-to places for instruction on the latest and hippest dance moves out there. In addition to an international team of certified dancers, the real draw here has to be the sheer number of classes offered. On any given day dance enthusiasts can expect no less than nine available classes in everything from salsa, to jazz, hip-hop and more.

For women and those looking to shake it while engaging their core, pole dancing just might be what the doctor ordered. No longer relegated to seedy establishments for men to get their rocks off, pole dancing has gone mainstream and is now recognized as a legit form of exercise.

DanceWorks Shanghai dance classes for adults.

DanceWorks Shanghai

Where: DanceWorks, 588 Hongfeng Lu (near Mingyue Lu) 红枫路588路 (近明月路)

WeChat: DWS-admin 

How Much: Contact studio directly for prices

This dance studio is on a mission to provide the international community of Shanghai with professional and quality dance education, fitness instruction and performance opportunities. While some studios and companies relay on gimmick classes, this place emphasizes that students are of the utmost priority here and aim to create an environment that encouraged to step outside the box and explore their artistic selves to the fullest.

Children can begin receiving instruction from the age of four, with classes for every age group well into adulthood. Of course the regular choices are on offer: Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet and Contemporary, but there’s one class that stands alone from the pack, giving the little Gene Kelly’s of Shanghai the most variety.

Dance Mix, offers a little bit of everything, integrating dances from Eastern and Western influences. This interdisciplinary class allows youngsters to experience a wide range of movements and rhythms, along with developing stage presence and a solid foundation of which to start from.

Adults can keep it tight with a fitness-dance mix course. This high-energy class is designed especially to improve cardio fitness while getting that body moving. Mind body conditioning will re-ignite your inner piece with a combo of yoga, chi and resistance training. 

Quirky Dance Classes in Shanghai- Capoeira

Movimento Simples de Capoeira

Where: Dance Studio 5, Rm. 205 Mingyuan Art Center, 1199 Fuxing Zhong Lu (near Xinzha Lu) 复兴中路1199号明园文化艺术中心A座205室 (近新扎路) 

How Much: RMB100 for drop-ins, RMB500 for a one-month pass

Don’t worry if you’re not the fastest or aren’t capable of high kicks, splits and what not. Movimento Simples Capoeira is all about expression of self and fun. In the Capoeira circle, two Capoeiristas engage in a spirited and playful exchange of attacks and counterattacks, in tune with each other’s movements and the rhythm of intense and soulful music. 

Originated in 16th century Brazil, Capoeira blends martial arts with aerobics, dance and music. While the practiced Capoeira is now considered more of a dance and playful in its execution, the fighting elements still exist. Get ready to dance off stress and participate in a ritual that not only requires you to move but engages your mind and soul. 

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